About Irene

Welcome to the gifting world of Irene Krueger (that's me!).
In 2020, I started this company because I couldn't find gift boxes online that I felt good about giving. The gift boxes I did find contained products that I didn't love or had seen many times before, or that were private labeled. The latter meant that I had no idea where the products were made, who made them, or what they were made of. I don't buy anything for myself unless I know where it comes from and what it's made of, and buying gifts shouldn't be an exception.
When shopping for myself, I value treasures that are handmade in small batches by independent artisans, herbalists and conscious creators. I value quality over quantity. I put the health of my body, my household, the planet, and the people who make these treasures first. These are the same values that guide how I seek and source the goods and gifts you'll find here.
To me, the more natural something is, the more beautiful it is. As you're browsing through my website, I hope you find many beautiful treasures to gift to yourself and to those you love, for all of life's celebratory moments or 'just because' we are always deserving.

When I'm not sourcing or curating gifts, you can usually find me studying a script or working on an audition (yes, I act too!), planning my next travel adventure, hiking around Beachwood Canyon, or lazying around with a good book and glass of wine (or hot tea!).
I'm also a health and wellness enthusiast, clean beauty devotee, amateur cook, amateur party planner, and lover of sustainable fashion and purposeful design. I love creating unique experiences that bring people together and curating special moments (and gifts!) that make people feel loved. 


To joyous living & conscious gifting,