New Moon Manifestation Ceremony

New Moon Manifestation Ceremony

The New Moon is a new beginning. A new opportunity to manifest your wishes and dreams into your reality.

Each New Moon represents the first day of the new Lunar Month. Every Lunar Month begins and ends with a New Moon. It's a powerful time to begin manifesting everything you want in your life. Use this Manifestation Ceremony to help guide you in your wishes for your life, with the support of the powerful New Moon.


  1. Create a cozy environment. Put on some soft cotton socks, light a candle or incense or loose ceremony herbs, play some peaceful meditative music, and get ready to honor your Self and your dreams! 
  2. Close your eyes and look back on all you've been blessed with over the past month. Send Gratitude and Love to all the people, places and situations that filled you up and brought you Joy.
  3. Look forward to the new month ahead and think about what your heart wishes to receive & achieve over the next month. Write these wishes down on paper! Don't give a single thought to anything you do not want. Just don't. Period.
  4. Shut your eyes, and visualize all of these wishes coming true, one by one. More importantly, feel how it would physically feel in your body when each of these wishes comes true. Does your heart begin to race and flutter?! 
  5. Say out loud or write down an affirmation that supports each wish. For example, if you wish to receive more recognition and reward (monetary or otherwise) in your job, say out loud “I am so grateful that my hard work is being recognized and rewarded! I love that my commitment to my work is paying off." If you wish to dedicate more time to rest and self-care, say out loud “I love how I feel when I put me first! I am so grateful for detaching from technology and taking time to rest.”
  6. Say out loud or write down how you intend to make these wishes come true. Using the self-care example above, say or write down “I will not use my phone after 7pm. I will dedicate 30 minutes before bed to do something that makes me feel good, like a face mask, gua sha-ing my neck and face, self-massaging my feet, reading, meditating, writing, singing, or stretching.”
  7. Meditate for as long as it feels good to you! No pressure. Forget about your wishes now, let them go, and just be still and quiet in your body and mind. Let the wishes go and let white space in! You can physically throw your wish paper away, or burn it in ceremony!
  8. For the following couple weeks leading up to the Full Moon, honor the intentions you've set for yourself (refer to #6). Put in the work! And thank the Universe for supporting you along the way. If it's meant to be yours, it will be yours, when it's meant to be yours. Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude.



*Ideally, you want to perform this ceremony as closely to the New Moon as possible. But, according to Yasmin Boland (author of the book ‘Moonology’, astrology and New Moon manifestation expert, and from who this ceremony is inspired by) up to three days after the New Moon is also powerful.