A Meditation for the Heart Chakra

A Meditation for the Heart Chakra

Summer is the season of the Heart. It's a powerful time to asses how you're receiving love, what's preventing you from accepting love, and to invite into your life the kind of love that you desire and deserve.

We carry grief and loss in our heart; emotional trauma gets trapped in the physical body. This is also a good time to heal your physical heart and your heart chakra. 



Allow this meditation to soften and open your heart. Allow it to help release any trauma being physically held in the heart. Allow it to light up and open your heart chakra. All so that you may move forward with more compassion, and with a bigger capacity to not only give Love, but to accept all the Love always coming your way. You are deserving. 


And so it begins:

  1. Create an altar or sacred space by adorning it with any or all of the following: 
    • Crystals of rose quartz, pink amethyst, rhodochrosite, malachite, aventurine. All powerful crystals for the heart chakra. 
    • Incense or a diffuser, preferably with essential oils of rose or bergamot, both of which work well for opening the heart chakra.
    • A beeswax, soy, or coconut wax candle with natural and non-toxic oils, or no oils at all. Just beeswax is lovely and my go-to.
    • Any flower or plant from nature that brings you Joy upon sight, touch or smell. Seek out ones that are pink or green as these are the colors of the Heart. Before you take anything, please ask Mother Earth first if you may have it (she'll say yes!) Let out a sigh of gratitude when you accept her gift.
    • Anything else from nature that brings you back to a fond memory, or a time or place that you felt loved and secure. Perhaps it's a seashell, a rock, or a food item.
    • Photo(s) of a loved one or a place you're fond of and that makes your heart feel warm and full.
  2. Make a tea infused with any of the following heart-healing herbs. Follow your intuition, or heart ;), on what speaks to you. Or buy a tea for the heart online (there are a lot!) or at your local health food store.
    • Hawthorne for heart strength.
    • Hibiscus for lowering blood pressure and easing up the heart.
    • Rose petals to open up the heart.
    • Motherwort to remedy heartache.
    • Lemon Balm to soothe the heart.
  3. Play some soft, meditative background music. A quick YouTube search of “heart chakra healing music” will pull up a lot of good stuff.
  4. Sitting comfortably at your altar, with the music softly playing, the candles or incense burning, and your hot, healing tea in your hands or nearby, begin this meditation:
    • Shut your eyes and let go of all thoughts and the outside world. Rest your attention on your heart center. Breathe gently and envision each inhale filling up your heart.
    • Allow your breath to flow in and out, and as it does, place your hand on your heart and gently ask it out loud: ‘Heart, what do you need to say? What do you need to express?’
    • Sit in this stillness and listen to your heart. You can gently ask the heart again (and again) what it needs to say, but do so without demand. 
    • Your heart will open up and release emotions, memories, trauma, fears, longings, or anything that is being repressed and that the heart is holding inside.
    • The release may be emotionally heavy, or it may be lovingly light. Or you may drift off into a sleepy daydream. Whatever comes, let it be. And continue focusing your attention on your heart center. 
    • Whatever message your heart gives you is exactly what you need to allow your heart chakra to heal and open. Don't judge what happens, just let it be.

*If you want more meditations like this one, Deepak Chopra is a wonderfully insightful guide and who this meditation was pulled from.