Full Moon Gratitude Ceremony

Full Moon Gratitude Ceremony

The Full Moon is all about creating space so we can better manifest.

Each Full Moon marks the climax of each Lunar Month, and it's a powerful time to let go, forgive, and restore balance. When we let go of "stuff" that doesn't support us, we can make space for what does. When we fill ourselves up with gratitude, we open ourselves up to better attract, and manifest, more of what we want in our life. 


On the Full Moon, perform this Gratitude Ceremony immediately following the Forgiveness Ceremony.



  1. Close your eyes and think about specific people, situations, places, or experiences for which you're really grateful. Let your heart, soul, and body really light up with this gratitude. Write this Gratitude List down on paper.
  2. Carefully, burn your Gratitude List. Let your Love float into the ether and just let everything go.
  3. With your hands in prayer at your heart center, secure your ceremony with this incantation: ‘I am grateful for all of the abundance that surrounds me. I know that my life is full of blessings, and blessed it be.’ Then, move your prayer to your third eye and bow. The ceremony is closed.