Full Moon Forgiveness Ceremony

Full Moon Forgiveness Ceremony

The New Moon is all about manifesting. The Full Moon is all about creating space so we can better manifest.

Each Full Moon marks the climax of each Lunar Month, and it's a powerful time to let go, forgive, and restore balance. When we let go of "stuff" that doesn't support us, we can make space for what does. When we fill ourselves up with gratitude, we open ourselves up to better attract, and manifest, more of what we want in our life. 



On the evening of the Full Moon, begin with this FORGIVENESS CEREMONY:

  1. Create a cozy environment. Similar to the manifestation ceremony, set up a comfortable space on the ground, put on some cozy socks, light some candles. This is your sacred space.
  2. Start with some deep breathing. On the inhale, visualize breathing in loving, kind, cleansing energy. Perhaps you see a color that brings you joy (such as yellow, like the warm sunshine). On the exhale, visualize breathing out any stress, worries, or judgement that you're holding onto.
  3. Then, think about some thing(s) you've been holding onto that needs to be released. Perhaps you're playing an upsetting situation over & over again in your mind, or you're holding onto a grudge against someone who wronged you, or you're holding onto insecurities or lack of trust from an adult who betrayed you as a child. Whatever it is, write each one down individually. Write as much as you need to fully express yourself and get each upset off your chest. This is a safe space.
  4. Next, close your eyes and, moving down your list, visualize each situation or person floating in a soft pink cloud (pink is a color of Love). Really feel the feeling of goodness and love in your heart. Say out loud, “I forgive you.”, and visualize them washing away with the clouds.
  5. With one hand on your belly and one hand on your heart, recite the following Full Moon Forgiveness incantation: 'With the Full Moon as my witness, I forgive. I forgive those who have wronged me, those who have hurt me, and that which has wounded me. I forgive myself for the mistakes I've made. Under the Love of the Universe & the Light of the Full Moon, I release the grudges I am holding onto and the pain that is holding onto me. I allow my thoughts, beliefs, and relationships to be led by Love. I send Love to all those I know and all those who surround me. Under this beautiful Full Moon, I am healed. I let all be.'
  6. Carefully, burn your Forgiveness List. The negative energies will burn away, creating space for Love.